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Product description

Mini cutter for opening cardboard boxes and cutting many materials. Whether for use in the office or at home, the utility knife is perfect for cutting cardboard, paper, cardboard, wallpaper, vinyl or other materials. The stainless steel blade is retractable, angled at 45° and has break-off edges for precise cutting. This ensures that the blade is permanently sharp. The plastic housing has a manual sliding catch.

  • The blade is made of robust stainless steel, sharp and angled at 45°, with break-off edges for precise cutting.
  • Plastic housing with manual sliding grid
  • Small and practical design


Item-no 31242
EAN 4044186312423
Product dimensions
Length (cm) 11.5
Width (cm) 8
Height (cm) 1
Gross weight (g) 11
Logistic Data (in piece)
Inner carton 6
Export carton 144
Pallet 8,640