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Tempera Colours, 14 x 18 ml

Product description

Tempera Colours, 14 x 18 ml in carton box,
14 jars á 18 ml, 13 different colours:
Opaque white 2x, yellow, Orange, vermilion, Magenta, Violet, Ultramarine blue, Cyan, Blue-green, Yellow-green,
Ochre yellow, Burnt siena and black,
Water-based colours, viscous, opaque and easy to mix, adheres to almost all surfaces


Item-no 28806
EAN 4044186288063
Product dimensions
Length (cm) 10.5
Width (cm) 28.5
Height (cm) 4.5
Gross weight (g) 530
Logistic Data (in piece)
Inner carton 6
Pallet 792