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Kettler children's and youth desk

Product description

Kettler children's desk - growing with your child, ergonomic, durable

When a child starts school, most parents start thinking about a desk for their offspring. When choosing the right desk, great importance is attached to quality, ergonomics and durability. Kettler children's desks are designed and developed with these requirements in mind. 
Kettler children's desks are height-adjustable and have a tilting worktop. Thanks to the infinitely variable height adjustment, the desks can grow with the child's height and can be adjusted between 53 and 82 cm at any time for a healthy sitting posture. This means they can be used comfortably from pre-school age to university. The desk offers a split worktop: the left third is fixed, the right part (the other two thirds) can be tilted up to an angle of 30°. This is more than practical: the fixed part of the desk provides a permanent surface for a monitor, desk lamp, pens or drinking cups that cannot find a foothold on the slope. Meanwhile, the inclination of the work surface ensures an ergonomic and comfortable posture when writing, painting or reading.
A drawer across the entire width of the desk as well as cable management, ruler and backpack holder are practical and keep things tidy. Sturdy metal bases and the melamine-coated work surface ensure a long service life.
The desk is available in 4 different colours:

  1. Alpine white-beech
  2. Alpine white-Alpine white
  3. Anthracite-beech
  4. Anthracite-Alpine white

Top 5 features:

  • Quality, ergonomics and durability at the highest level
  • Table top with 19 mm melamine resin coating and split worktop as well as table frame made of stable powder-coated metal substructure
  • Stepless height adjustment 53.0 - 82.0 cm with crank handle, which can be used on the left or right side
  • Cable management with cut-out at the rear end of the table tops, for uncomplicated cable routing on the wall as well as large cable tray under the table top
  • Incl. drawer, ruler, castors, backpack holder and brush strip

This item is not available to order online. For orders or further questions, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.


Item-no 01035
EAN 4044186010350
Product dimensions
Length (cm) 112
Width (cm) 76.5
Height (cm) 14
Gross weight (g) 35,500
Logistic Data (in piece)
Inner carton 1