Acrylic varnish, 200 ml, matt

Product description

Acrylic varnish, 200 ml bottle, matt varnish for acrylic paints, protects the painting from yellowing, dust, etc.,

  • Water-based acrylic varnish: The water-thinnable clear varnish in matt quality does not contain any solvent that could destroy the binder in the acrylic varnish and dissolve the painting.
  • Ideal for finishing acrylic paintings. It can be used as a clear varnish for canvases, wood and stones and for coating acrylic paints on different painting surfaces
  • Reliable protective film: Protects the painting from soiling, yellowing and helps to maintain the luminosity of the colours.
  • Apply the paint thinly with a brush to the well-dried painting surface. The coating should be repeated two to three times.
  • Sealing with varnish evens out unevenness of the acrylic paint on the surface and creates a smoother appearance


Item-no 28611
EAN 4044186286113
Product dimensions
Length (cm) 6
Width (cm) 6
Height (cm) 11.5
Gross weight (g) 245
Logistic Data (in piece)
Inner carton 6
Export carton 36
Pallet 2,016