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Modelling clay, 500 g

Product description

STYLEX modeling clay: You will receive a 500 g block of white, air-hardening modeling clay. It is made from natural clay in Europe, is neutral in smell and ready for immediate use. The modeling clay is air-hardening, which means that no kiln is needed. However, if needed, you can let it harden in a kiln. Due to the excellent quality, this modeling clay is suitable for very clean and detailed processing. The dried object is not only dimensionally stable but can also be painted or varnished as desired with any type of paint, chalk or color pencil. By feeling, dividing and reshaping, motor skills such as coordination, logical thinking as well as creativity and imagination are promoted at any age. Start modeling right away. There are no limits to your creativity. 

  • For creative artists: whether student or teacher, child or adult, beginner or professional. With this modeling clay you can easily create figures and other works of art as you like. 
  • Start immediately: You will receive natural, modeling clay in a 500 g block in white, immediately ready for use, 
  • No kiln necessary: The STYLEX modeling clay will harden naturally in the air and does not need to be fired in a kiln, but a kiln can be used if necessary. 
  • Excellent quality: The neutral-smelling clay is immediately ready for modeling and dimensionally stable, very clean in processing, Made in Europe
  • Let your creativity run wild: hardened models can be painted or varnished with any type of paint, chalk or color pencils
  • Promote sensory skills: With modeling clay you promote motor skills, coordination, logical thinking, creativity and imagination by feeling, dividing and reshaping


Item-no 28235
EAN 4044186282351
Product dimensions
Length (cm) 19
Width (cm) 9
Height (cm) 3
Gross weight (g) 510
Logistic Data (in piece)
Inner carton 6
Pallet 912